Minutes for the PTA meeting regarding the bake sale/Trudy’s hands turning into horse hands

Rec centre, meeting room A, 30th Jan 2018, 2pm

Attendees: Donna P, Michael W, Trudy S, Lola B, Jenn L

Apologies: Duncan T, Nancy R


Donna opens the meeting with a thank you to the committee members who could make it. Reminds all in attendance that it is coming up to exam time for the kids, so we should take extra care to avoid stress in the home. Lola interjects that it is January and that is absolutely not true. Donna puts forward a motion to censure Lola for being incredibly rude. Passed 4 to 1.

The bake sale will be taking place on February 12.


Item 1: Job allocation for the bake sale

  • All will need to bake an item for the sale, as well as take a server or cashier shift.

  • Trudy mentions that her recent “affliction” will make baking and retail work difficult. A motion is passed to allow Trudy to abstain from participation in this year's bake sale.

  • Items to be baked are assigned to avoid double-ups.

    • Donna - chocolate crackles

    • Michael - lemon bars

    • Lola - carrot cake


    • Jenn - toffee pops

    • Duncan - the cupcakes with the little edible paper pictures of beloved Disney characters on them

    • Nancy - toast

Item 2: Trudy’s hands have turned into horse hands

  • Floor given to Trudy who reads out the following statement:

“Good afternoon, parents, teachers and misc. Following an incident last week at the summer family picnic, my hands have turned into horse hands. It is obviously quite shocking to think that something like this could happen in our tight-knit community. While my current horse-handed state does restrict me in my duties, I appreciate the support of all PTA members present, as well as Duncan, in allowing me to continue to participate in this association. Thank you for your kindness in this trying time.”

  • Donna thanks Trudy for her statement and opens the floor for any questions.

    • Query from Michael: Will Trudy still be able to take her shifts as a reading helper?

      • Trudy confirms that her reading helper duties will be unaffected.

  • Query from Jenn: How did Trudy’s hands turn into horse hands?

    • Trudy informs the group that the doctor has said that it is “stress-induced”.

  • Point of order from Michael: “Aren’t horse hands called hooves?”

    • Clarification from Trudy - Horses do indeed have hooves, but that’s not what has happened here. Trudy has horse hands.

-  Further point of order from Michael: “I don’t understand.”

- Point of order from Donna - Donna rightly points out that not understanding is not a point of order, and Michael is welcome to go be ignorant on his own time.

- Clarification from Trudy - Trudy does not mind explaining. Trudy removes her mittens to reveal that her hands have turned into two small stallions - one mottled grey, one light brown. They are quite beautiful. Their finger-legs dance gracefully across the tabletop, then less gracefully in the air when Trudy gestures with her hands as she speaks. They make tiny wickering sounds that could be mistaken for insectoid chirrups. When they become restless, Trudy asks Jenn to feed each of them a grain of raw sugar from a packet she has in her pocket. The sugar calms them, and they willingly trot back into their mittens.

Query from Michael: Will Trudy still be able to organise items for the raffle?

  • Trudy confirms that her raffle organising duties will be unaffected.

Item 3: Any other business

Lola:  When will Nancy be allowed back?

  • Donna states that it is up to Nancy when she returns. Having said that, she would have some nerve if she thought it appropriate to return at this time.

Trudy: Can we move the Nespresso outside of the meeting room as the processing noises startle her horse hands?

  • Donna believes this will be achievable.

Action items

  • All parties - bar Trudy - to bake items for the bake sale.

  • Trudy to finalise prizes for the raffle.

  • Donna to conduct OH&S study into the relocation of the Nespresso.

Meeting closed at 3:15pm